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Internet-search-engines  v.3

internet-search-engines 3 is recognized as a free and simple to use tool which has strong function of searching within more than 17 best search engines at once click. The Search Engines Software provides access to a best search engines, in this case

WooSnap! Internet Search  v.1.2

WooSnap! is a new and exciting program that organizes the Internet and allows you to customize it your way in your WooSnap remote control. Shopping, Mapping, News, Entertainment, and more only a click away and optimized to save you time.

Internet search engines  v.2.00

Search within more than 17 best search engines at once click ,The Search Engines Software provides access to a best search engines, in this case including Amazon,Yahoo,

Solway's Freeware Internet Search

A small and fast FREEWARE program enabling you to search up to FOUR search engines simultaneously and display the results on one screen (provided that your web browser can handle frames), or up to FOURTEEN search engines in multiple full-screen

Screensavers and Wallpapers Toolbar  v.1.0

SaversPlanet toolbar ehances capabilities of your browser. You will get tens of gadgets, live radio, weather panel, powerful internet search, e-mail notifier, free screensavers, different wallpapers and more. Download it now!

123 Search Results Buddy  v.2.1

123 Search Results Buddy 2.1 will let you do a internet search, by right clicking on highlighted text. search results

Pro-search  v.0.19.1

PRO-Search is a crawler of FTP servers, SMB shares, HTTP, dc++ networks, ... with powerful web search and navigation

Smart Search Filter  v.1.0

Narrows search result produced by popular Internet search engines, allowing to put extra filtering conditions, as certain words presented, certain words excluded, and so

The Internet Censor  v.1.0

The Internet Censor is a multi-platform, Internet clustering program, for which the resulting data will be used in the creation of a non-profit content-filtering Internet Search Engine for children.

Comoestamos Toolbar  v.7.0.7

Comoestamos search engine free toolbar powers up your browser experience. It allows you to get the freshest content no matter where you are on the web. It includes Comoestamos powerful multiengine search and Google powered search, Google image

Music Frost  v.2.6

Music Frost is a free entertainment program, created for mp3 music Internet search, download and play.

INetQuery  v.2005

iNetQuery is a powerful Internet utility for network monitoring for MS Windows platforms. Special query features, like DNS, Whois or NetStat, can be used to determine detailed information about domains, hostnames or network providers. Utiltities like

CleanCache  v.3.1

CleanCache 2.0 is a free (for 1 - 2 systems), very powerful Internet Explorer 6.0 and Windows 2000/XP cleaner. It will delete all IE tracks (including cleaning/deleting index.dat files), Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, AutoComplete, WinXP tracks and the

CDCoverPrint  v.2.42

CDCoverPrint is a freeware program for printing CD covers to fit a standard cd jewel case! Why pay money for other programs which do exactly the same thing when this is free? Also includes a Internet Search for your covers, simply specify what

MultiCoverPrint  v.2.03

MultiCoverPrint is a freeware program for printing CD/DVD/VHS covers to fit a standard media case! Why pay money for other programs which do exactly the same thing when this is free print shop 15? Also includes a Internet Search for your covers,

Seeker  v.

Seeker's has a ultra-fast file search engine on top of a powerful file search algorithm. Searching for files or inside of files Seeker can handle it. Seeker not only searches for files or inside files, Seeker lets you replace text inside of files.

Affordable Engagement Rings  v.1.0

Internet Search Tool, Diamonds, unique engagement rings,engagement ring, bridal jewelry, gold engagement rings, engagement rings, diamond engagement ring.Choose from a variety of solitaire rings,certified diamonds, engagement rings & fine jewelry.

Fact200  v.1.08

Fact200 is both an Internet search client and a news feed reader that concentrates on finding, sifting, and browsing information while filtering out noise and junk. It is ideal for browsing through massive amounts of web pages (e.g., browsing news

MakaGiga  v.2.4

Makagiga is a multifunctional tool. Its many in one including a to-do manager, RSS feed reader, Notepad, Simple image viewer and Widgets. Its also an internet search engine via Google and Wikipedia etc, it can import and explore documents and it

Shark Network Tools  v.2.20

It is a powerful Internet utility for network monitoring. can captures all active network connections, as well as the running tasks on the local system. Have builtin function like: NSLookup, Netstat, Ping, PortScanner, ProcessMonitor, Sniffer,

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